About This Website

Our purpose in building this website is so that we can provide you the knowledge you need to make the best decision in buying, selling, investing or renting a single family home in the Pikes Peak Area.

On the left side of the home page, you will find all, yes we are providing you every one of the homes that REALTORS have access to in the Pikes Peak Association of Realtor's MLS, that are for sale and for rent. From the Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, a network of all the major independent real estate companies, both nationally and internationally, you can look up properties for sale in every state and many around the world. We also provide you a link to those high-end properties that are listed by us and other companies in our network. And finally, the bottom button on the left side provides a wealth of information on the community in which you now live and most other communities throughout our nation.

On the right side of the home page, you will typically find articles that what we refer to as “real estate current events.” The current events could be a link to an article in a publication that we felt would be of interest to you or it might be something that we, or one of our customers or a local subject expert might have written. If it was written by someone other than us, the first comment on the article will generally be from us. We highly encourage you to comment on the basic article, any remarks we might add or any comment made by others. I often learn more from the comments in blogs than from what was written in the original blog.

On the top of the home page is where our knowledge base is located. We have separated the content so that if you are a buyer, a seller, a renter, a landlord (investor) or you are in the military, you can easily find everything you are looking for in that particular area. We were looking for a way to organize our knowledge base, but could not find an application that was suitable to do so. We looked at blogs and although they were suitable for presenting our educational material and allowed for our customers to comment on the material, there was no means of organizing the material. Then we looked at forums and found that they were good at providing an outline of the topics we wanted to present, forums typically are used for very short entries, much like that used in  texting.  So we have integrated the blog and forum concepts and came up with what we refer to as our “bloggie-forum.”

And finally, each time you revisit our website, and we hope that you come back often, you will probably find that the look is different. Although the functional components will remain the same, the background photograph will change. This will allow you to see something new about the community we live in and call home. 

If you want to contact us, you can do so by clicking on the upper right hand side of our home page. Or if you wish to comment on this article, this is your chance to do so.

We hope you enjoy our website as much, or more, as we enjoy putting it together for you.


Vince and Nancy Rusinak